Shipping and Availability

Due to the many customization options for most Stonewall Pickups, most pickups are made-to-order. In most circumstances, orders can be made, packed, and shipped within two to three weeks. Popular pickups with only aesthetic options may ship within a week. However, I can not guarantee this. The flatwork (bobbins; what the coils are wrapped around) for most Stonewall Pickups are made in-house but things like polepiece screws, bar magnets, rod magnets, and even wire may be backordered from my suppliers which may delay the making of your pickup(s). This is one of the benefits of making my own flatwork and tops in-house... I don't have to order bobbins and pickup covers... other things that can get backordered. 


Stonewall Pickups are always shipped USPS Priority. Within the USA, your order will typically be delivered in approximately one to three business days from the date it ships, depending upon where you live in relation to your State's Postal Hub. However, I can not guarantee this. There are always possibilities of human error... I've seen a package go from Virginia to Colorado to Georgia back to Virginia and then to Massachusetts before it reached me in New Hampshire... but that is very rare. Between the USPS, UPS, and FedEx, I've had fewer issues with USPS, including delivery time and condition of package at delivery. For international orders, I am also shipping USPS Priority. Delivery time varies greatly depending upon where you live. For some, such as the UK, shipment is fairly quick; others, such as the many orders I get from Australia and Oceania (so many bassists down under!!), shipment can take up to three to four weeks. Plan accordingly and please be patient. I want you to receive your pickups just as much as you do. Honestly, I am waiting to see a picture of your guitar or bass with Stonewall Pickups. 


If you return the pickup(s) in the same condition it was shipped within thirty (30) days of delivery, we will refund the purchase price. "Same condition": hookup wire hasn't been cut short, tops are not scratched or damaged in any obvious way, pickup(s) haven't been modified in any way, etcetera. If you return the pickup(s) in the same condition it was shipped between thirty-one (31) days and ninety (90) days of delivery, we will refund the purchase price minus a 25% restocking fee. If you've had the pickups for more than ninety (90) days, you own those pickups... you've most likely played some gigs and/or recorded some songs with those pickups. I am not loaning or renting out pickups for your gig or new album. With that said, returns are extremely rare. You've done your research, read the descriptions, watched some videos, or talked to some friends and know that you're investing in a set of pickups that is going to transform your sound. However, sometimes the first set isn't exactly right for you: maybe you want higher or lower output, maybe you'd prefer the Slutty Wolf H90 over the Third Eye Single Coil. I'm not unreasonable; I'm happy to exchange your pickups for another set of Stonewall Pickups. Whether you're thinking about returning your pickups or exchanging your pickups or you're really just unsure about which set to order, just contact me. I really just want you to have the best tone. If you say, "I want a super compressed tone", I'll be the first to say that Stonewall Pickups are too expressive for you. 


First of all, I don't really care for the word "warranty" just because it has the word "war" in it and sounds like two parties fighting against each other instead of working towards a resolution. I stand by my pickups. If your Stonewall Pickup isn't working correctly, we will rewind and/or rebuild or replace that pickup for you. 

"Isn't working correctly":

- signal cuts out (please check electronics first; measure the pickup on a multimeter first)

- signal is weak or thin

However, Stonewall Pickups is not responsible for mistakes or negligence, such as:

- cutting hookup wire too short (Installation Page)

- wiring a humbucker different than the Stonewall Color Codes (Installation Page)

- storing pickups improperly (very rare... so rare it hasn't happened yet, but not impossible)

- damaging the pickup with tools such as screwdrivers, chisels, files, sandpaper, soldering irons, etcetera

- there are no authorized Stonewall Pickups repair shops, as Stonewall Pickups are very unique if not entirely proprietary... Stonewall Pickups is not responsible for any "repair" work done by anyone outside of Stonewall Pickups

With that said, we can still fix what happened... anywhere from just a shipping fee to the cost of replacing the hookup wires or rewinding a coil. It's not the end of the world... just contact me


Each Stonewall Pickup is made by hand; small imperfections tend to appear in anything if you look close enough. The Japanese have a term / appreciation for this called "wabi-sabi": an acceptance of transience and imperfection. I do strive for perfection in every aspect of my life, from the pickups I make to the food I cook and the clothes I wear. It is far easier to accept the beauty of imperfection in something made my hand than something YOU make by hand, in my experience. Without metal or plastic encasing the pickup, you can see far more of the construction. Things you may find to be imperfect in Stonewall Pickups:

- the pattern and/or color in the tortoiseshell pattern

- the "round-over" on the edge of the top of the pickup

- the way the string is wrapped around the coil(s)

- the slot drive in the polepiece screws don't face all one direction (they're adjustable for a reason and the pickup sounds better if the strings are properly balanced: Installation Page)

- your pickup may develop a curl to it over time; vulcanized fiberboard (flatwork/bobbin material) is made of cotton fibers and a full sheet can curl on its own due to humidity changes and a big coil of copper wire can push on it a bit more. It's not common but it can happen; take a look at some vintage Fender pickups. I have no control over this flexible material once it leaves my shop. While uncommon, it can happen. It is certainly not intentional. 

With that said, I absolutely understand that your guitar is one of, if not the most important thing in your life. I will try to work with you to ensure you are happy with your Stonewall Pickups. Please contact me if you have any concerns. 

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