Friends of Stonewall - bands

Christopher Robin Band — musician, my cousin 

Cloudkicker — instrumental post rock

Cold Engines — rock

The Cryptics — punk 

Grandpa Jack — 

Harsh Armadillo — 

Highly Suspect — rock, has a signature Stonewall humbucker

KYOTY (Keep Your Options To Yourself) — instrumental post metal

PitDriver — metal

Red Sky Mary — high energy classic rock, originals and covers

Scissorfight — New Hampshire metal

Wizzardess —1970s style hard rock

Friends of Stonewall - individuals and companies

Tom Boisse — musician 

Cody Burke — musician 

Dave Drouin — musician 

David Newsam — musician, professor at Berklee College of Music 

Eastside Music Supply — Stonewall Pickups dealer

Electric Squid — fuzz pedals

       — collaborations between Stonewall Pickups and Electric Squid are coming soon 

Jack Fossett — musician 

Hijinx Guitars — custom guitars & basses

     — former student 

Hinkle Guitars — Tele style guitars 

Nick Filth — artist, tattoo artist, musician, photographer 
     — designed Ginger, the Stonewall Pickups logo
     — took my bio picture

Jay Fortin — musician, artist, photographer, hand-tooled leather, sign maker 
     — the SUPERMACHINE is Jay’s signature pickup

Gary’s Guitars — Stonewall Pickups dealer

HiFi Spin — Graphic designer 
     — records Stonewall Pickups demo videos with Jon McCormack

Karl Hoyt Basses — taught a guitar building class at my high school

Jon McCormack — Musician
     — makes demo videos for Stonewall Pickups

Ness Custom Guitars — luthier (one of the few I trust completely)

Old Blood Noise — effects pedals

Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery — guitar building school 

Spalt Instruments — luthier, custom guitars & basses playable art

     — my first apprenticeship

Tim Theriault — Spotify in human form 

Venice Guitars — custom guitars & basses


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